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    PSTAR iPhone App
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    PSTAR Android App
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    PSTAR iPad App
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This is a must have app for every Student Pilot in Canada. Use your time more efficiently and study for your PSTAR exam on the go and pass with ease. Spend less time studying and more time flying!



- 14 different sections with a total of 192 questions

- Unlimited practice exams with 50 randomly generated questions

- Database includes the exact same questions you will find on your real PSTAR exam

- Order of questions and answers are randomized

- Keeps track of results

- Includes abbreviations used in the PSTAR exam

- Great, user friendly design

- Regular updates


The app allows you to go through each section separately and answer question by question. You will be able to see the correct answer right away and donĀ“t have to wait until the end to see the final score. We think that way you will learn much quicker. Once you feel competent you can start trying some of the exams. When you score consistently more than 90% you should be well prepared for the real exam!

This is also an excellent tool to study Air Law for your PPL and CPL written exams.

Before a student pilot in Canada can go for his/her first solo flight, the Transport Canada PSTAR (Pre-Solo Test about Air Regulations) exam has to be completed. It is an exam about Air Regulation. This app has all 192 questions in the database which are taken from the official Transport Canada Study Guide, TP11919. The PSTAR app will be updated on a regular basis to ensure the most current questions. The app is in Englsih only.

The PSTAR exam you will take at your Flight School consists of 50 questions taken from the pool of these 192. If you study with your app a couple evenings a week you should have no problem to score a good grade. The minimum pass rate is 90%.

Good luck with your PSTAR exam and many happy landings!   


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